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Performance #1 – In The Globe Cardiff

For my first performance, I simply put live vocals on top of a premixed backing track.

Performance #2 – In Class, At The Atrium

Second performance, I used a vocal pedal with numerous effects such as vocoder, pitch shift and reverb on top of the backing track.


Performance #3 – At Gwdihw

For my third performance in Gwdihw, I took  my performance a little further by using the traits of my last performances consisting of using a vocal pedal with effects and a backing track but I incorporated a DIY instrument I made consisting of a manipulated guitar hero and a Korg synthesizer, linked up to Ableton live and I manipulate stems in real time within the track.



Brief #1 – Liveness

The way consumers interpret live performance has changed in recent times. Before mass media, live performance was the primary form of escapism and entertainment for consumers, who were happy to leave their comes and go to the theatre. With the rise of mass media, this has changed quite dramatically – as entertainment is readily available in the form of recordings, on TV and the internet.

Instead of going to a crowded theatre to watch a performance, one can now watch a pre-made recording of the same performance from the comfort of their home – usually one of high quality that is enriched with multiple camera angles for the perfect view, colour and light correction and great editing that highlights the action etc.

Whilst theatre is still a profitable industry, it has certainly been overshadowed by the creation of TV and more recently, the internet. Theatre is usually only enjoyed today by specific theatre fans as opposed to TV which is generally enjoyed by the vast majority of the public.

In terms of the music industry, the rise of media has revolutionised the way music is released and made profitable for artists. It is exceptionally rare nowadays that a single is released without an accompanying music video in order to satiate consumers demand for visual material that they can watch online or on music TV channels. The entire process of making music now requires consideration over the fact that it is now expected for media content to be readily available for fans and listeners.

In the last few years, music sales have declined considerably year after year which has led to artists needing to find new sources of revenue which they found via touring. Live music performances serve as a way of creating a unique experience and atmosphere where consumers can experience their favourite music being played right in front of them by the artists themselves, as opposed to through a screen. Whilst once live performances were used to promote the music, it’s now the other way around.

Technological advantages have also meant that live performances are capable of being just as immersive as a filmed and edited video. Elements like specialist lighting, use of screens or even projections, pyrotechnics, all create a cinematic and effective live experience for consumers. These innovations have been essential to keeping live music alive, and without them it is likely live performance would have slipped from mainstream public interest much like theatre before it.

Brief 2: Live Performances

IAMX – No Maker Made Me Live @ JBTV



  • Aspects to this performance that work is the beautiful and immersive set up which uses multiple projectors showing striking visual art and video clips that sync with the music. This performance is a well crafted and executed with great musician and showmanship. I personally think all the elements within this live show all compliment each other from the sound to the outfits the performers are wearing. It’s all aesthetically tight which makes for a great performance.

  • I would Imagine for some viewers it could be a bit much, and would’nt necessarily work well in a “mainstream” setting. With so much going on, people could find it possibly hard to concentrate on so much at once, or know what to focus on.

  • IAMX blends aspects of genres like rock, pop and electronic through it’s compositional elements such as the structure (verse, chorus, verse) and chord progressions etc. along with recognizable rock elements, such as minor keys and “heavy” timbres with lots of distortion. They also utilise dance-style bass lines and synth melodies. Their live set up uses electronic equipment and instruments such as synthesisers, sequencers and pedals with the addition of typical rock band instruments such as keyboards and bass guitar. These technical live elements alongside their use of costume and theatricality create an interesting experience for it’s audience.

  • Their genre of music is well received by it’s audience, which comprises heavily of individuals from goth and underground music subcultures and fans of rock and electronic music. As the music is thematically quite dark and deals with themes of depression, isolation, etc. it’s likely many fans of this music find it cathartic and it gives them something to relate to.

  • IAMX’s music could be described as “current” in the sense that there is a very active and thriving underground electronic scene in music at the moment, however it is too obscure and niche to ever be something that would receive chart success in the mainstream.

  • IAMX is definitely contemporary in nature. Not only does the music itself carry deep meaning to communicate with listeners sonically and lyrically, but this is also done through it’s visual content also.

  • Although IAMX has a incredibly large underground following, I think it’s hard to say if IAMX is capable of creating a new audience outside of it’s current demographic due to it being so niche and obscure.

  • This genre of electronic music is related to my project by the use of sampling and the overall dark sound-scape. I draw major influence from the construction of industrial electronic such as the structure.

CΛIN † (Live Set- 14.03.2015)


  • The use of projected imagery and costume create a great atmosphere alongside the venue and setting which compliments the music very well.

  • The performance doesn’t go anywhere. The music is all DJ’d with no live instruments or showmanship and begins to feel stagnant quite early in.

  • The performance is reminiscent of the kind of live sets a lot of EDM and dubstep artists do, and relates largely to club and dance culture.

  • This music is often played in underground clubs and raves, and serves as something meant to be danced to.

  • The genre of this performance is described as “witch house” which is a term initially coined as a joke but caught on and used widely to describe house music that features heavy distortion, messy soundscapes and unrecognisable vocals, usually with occult or horror themes.

  • I would consider this music to be contemporary in the sense that it’s a very new genre and has caught on very quickly because so many individuals have connected with it.

  • This kind of music is fairly niche and alternative but due to it’s heavy house influences and danceability it is more accessible to wider audiences than other artists I mention here.

Chelsea Wolfe – Carrion Flowers (Live Yverdon-les-bains 17/11/2015 )


  • This performance works well because of it’s tight musicianship, and effective and dramatic set and lighting which brings in a lot of atmosphere and compliments the music nicely.

  • The only complaint to this would be the video itself which was converted to black and white during editing, which doesn’t reflect the atmosphere and experience of actually being there, but this is not a problem caused by the performance itself.

  • Chelsea Wolfe’s music comprises of an eclectic mix of elements from genres such as folk, Gothic and heavy metal. The light and high pitched female vocals and harmonies contrast starkly with the distorted and detuned wall of guitar sounds, and the arrangements themselves are cinematic and wouldn’t be out of place if they were part of a movie.

  • The music itself is very niche and unusual, and would probably appeal exclusively to people who enjoy experimental music. For those who do enjoy it , Chelsea Wolfe provides a fascinating unique edge to genres that are otherwise considered overdone, such as metal.

  • This music wouldn’t really be considered “current” and has little mainstream appeal.

  • Chelsea Wolfe could definitely be considered contemporary, in the sense that it’s quite experimental and it contains a lot of storytelling themes lyrically so it is communicating something.

  • Outside of it’s current demographic, it is unlikely that Chelsea Wolfe’s music would appeal to the general public of music consumers.

-Why is this genre relevant to you?

Each of the genres and artists mentioned here are relevant to me and my work because they have served as inspiration for my work.

-How does your work relate to the performances you’ve picked?

IAMX’s electronic pop and sonic elements as well as their visual aesthetic are very influential for my project, the DIY and distorted sample elements of witch-house genre of music have also been used in my piece. And the cinematic sound-scape’s of Chelsea Wolfe really helped shape my idea.