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2nd Of October – Continuation Research

Bionicle robots, controlled by an Arduino Uno, which is hooked up to a MIDI sequencer – Arduino – Lego Band

Techno and electronic music played and controlled by light sensor using the Arduino – Arduino – Light Sensor Controller

This project combines complex feedback system and self-organization system in an interactive way in order to generate amazing and spacious sounding – MaxMSP – Audio Visual Feedback

A printed customizable music box playing the first 3 measures of “Frère Jacques – 3D Printed Music Box

A incredible custom software with 3D tracking cameras interactive sonic art exhibition – Custom – Barbican’s Rain Room

Custom made guitar hooked up to synths – Custom – Dubstep Guitar


29th Of September – Module Overview

Emerging Technologies module will be covering the basics of Arduino/Teensy hardware, MaxMSP software and 3D printing technology. These are just a few links that I came across searching into what is possible to achieve in each of these areas.

Nice simple little lazy synth – Arduino – Lazar Synth

incredibly interesting instrument called the ribbon synth – Arduino – Ribbon Synth

Mindblowing interactive project speakers – MAXMSP – Interactive Mapping

Amazing looking video editing and motion project – MAXMSP – Interface Gesture

Some crazy and beautiful 3D printed instruments – 3D Printed Instruments

Entire band with 3D printed instruments. – 3D Printed Band