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Music & Visual Media Brief #1

Apex Twin – Rubber Johnny

The music video I decided to chose to analyse is Apex Twin – Rubber Johnny, I feel this music video is quite minimalist yet highly effective with very little change in camera angles, movement or even editing. Although still highly captivating and quite compelling to watch.

The music video consists and evolves around one character in a wheel chair, who has been body modified to appear to have an alien like head. The only other notable people within the video is someone who opens the door whom you don’t get to see and also a dog. The manipulation of the one and only character and the lack of any other significant people within the video really creates the sense of alienation, which I feel is the intent in this music video.

The music video don’t tend to have a comprehensible or followable narrative, more a range of actions and motions, almost quite similar to interpretive dance you could say. The music video is more reliant upon creating atmosphere and unsettling the viewer emotionally.

The entirety of the music video is recorded in night vision, the use of this technique really creates a unnatural atmosphere, which set the mood and feel for the music video. Although there is a lack of colour due to this technique, the use and manipulation of light really makes up for it and is what the music video is highly reliant upon. By simply turning the light on and off and moving the light along with changes in focus and depth of field. By filming this music video in night vision in a small room with no sense of surrounds, creates and makes you as a viewer feel quite uncomfortable.

I’d say this music video was a high production with a minimalist yet cleverly crafted delivery. It is clear and quite obvious that all the techniques and each individual elements to this music video were carefully thought and planned out. The continuity through out the entire music video comes across as unnatural from the lighting, set to the only character. Every trait and element of the music video is consistent and all plays a part in creating atmosphere and unsettling of emotions of the viewer.

Although the approach to this music video seems and arguably quite simplistic and minimal due to it’s lack of narrative, characters and set, the complexity is keeping an audience captivated with the lack of these elements, where I feel this music video succeeded. I think the cleaver part of this music video is that it allows audiences and viewers to not only interrupt in anyway they want too but also take what they want from it.