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Synth Battle



As a self taught music programmer, at this moment in time, I feel I am slowly developing and finding my sound. I want to make music by crossing genres and experimenting by bring sounds together. I also want to create music that has purpose, which holds messages and meanings that raises questions about our way of living/thinking. I listen to a wide range of music but I personally prefer to make experimental electronic.

As a musician I always try to explore change and ways in which to better myself but in the past year I’ve experienced live performing, supporting more established acts than myself. I feel I have changed drastically since the experience as a musician, by not only identifying ways to expand my musical project further, but by also taking into consideration ways of delivering it. As I never considered performing my music live, this year has added a whole new dimension to my music.

I mainly want to learn new and different ways of approaching music, I always seek new inspiration and I hope this year to gain influences that expands upon my own creativity. I want to experience and learn recording in a actual studio and gain a greater knowledge and understanding of music technology. I am also determined to explore mixing and mastering techniques, I really want to be able to feel confident knowing I am getting the best out of my sound.

After I graduate I would like not only to be a confident, self sufficient musician but also be able to produce and develop digital media, such as music videos. I want to be able to create and design digital art / visual media based around controversial concepts that can intertwine with music. What I aim to achieve from the course is to broaden my horizon and be guided and pointed in the right direction for musical career.