Stage Hand

Stage Hand

Over the three days of rehearsal for the final show, I took on the role of stage hand. This involved helping with the setting up and moving everyone’s equipment to where it all needs to be, along with helping plug everything in. I feel confident that I managed to ensure the changeovers between acts went smoothly and figure out the most efficient way of manoeuvring around with the equipment, ensuring for the quickest set up and take down routes.

I ensured I noted down the channel/line numbers for each persons equipment, allowing for easy and smooth set-up of the tech. By knowing for example that bass was going into EMO DI to channel 4 it made it easy to detect and fix any problems the bass may have encountered without needing to fuss around trying to find where it was routed to. I also made sure to note down all of the equipment each act was using to make sure everything was ready to be set up in advance and nothing was missing.

I feel confident that I was helpful in making the show run smoothly and on time by being organised and aware of each individuals project.


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