S.W.O.T Analysis

S.W.O.T Analysis


A major strength of my project I feel is my aesthetic. I feel I have created a strong brand with distinguishable visuals that I feel could be easily recognizable as my work. I feel I managed to get the visuals and music to really compliment each other. Another strength of my performance I believe is that it is extremely atmospheric


My main weakness is stage fright and nervousness when performing as it impedes my stage presence. I feel my performances would be better if I was more confident. Also my time management, as I could have progressed a lot quicker if I planned things out more.


I feel the biggest advantage that my performance has is that it is quite unique due to the use of visual DJing. I also feel my handmade MIDI instrument adds to this, and it also gives me a lot of freedom to perform as a front man whilst manipulating visuals in real time. I don’t think anyone else is going this right now so, I feel that is the biggest opportunity for me that it is rather unique.


Technical difficulties, relying on software there is always a chance of technical issues to arising, especially when working with relatively new software to me. I feel that would be the biggest threat to my project. I am hoping to give myself enough time on the software to feel confident in being able to use it efficient. Another possible threat to my project is working with DIY instrument, there is a chance that it could possibly stop working or start deteriorating before the final show.


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