Idea Development

Idea Development

For my final performance I’ve decided I want to really develop my previous idea but take it a bit further. After looking into VDJ performances, I would like to incorporate this into my performance. I will utilise a midi controller that I made myself, and use it to control video, editing and manipulating visuals in real time. For this I started looking into using the software Resolume Arena, and found it fairly straightforward to use. It allowed me to midi map visuals as easily as midi mapping music in any DAW software.

I also plan to keep using an effects pedal on vocals during my performance. The vocal pedal has multiple effect options such as reverbs, distortion etc which I can switch between for certain songs. I feel the vocal pedal just works with the experimental music I am creating, and it helps me achieve a distinguishable aesthetic and sound.

Res Screen shot

Moving my performance forward and thinking of the lighting for my show, I plan to have very little lighting from the front, in order to highlight my visuals. I am considering having a UV spot light on me and cold colour lighting the rest of the stage, just to create atmosphere and make the show feel a bit more immersive.

uv light

Stage plan:

For my stage plan I want the projector to be in the centre of the stage, projecting on to a large backdrop screen. I want to position myself just right of the projector not to obstruct the visuals. I’ll need a lightweight portable laptop stand, that could possibly be a music stand simply to hold the laptop.

Final Stage Plan

Technical Requirements/Equipment List:

1x Laptop Stand

1x Laptop

1x Vem Box Vocal Pedal

1x SM58 Microphone

1x Projector

2x DI Boxes

1x Midi-controller

1x Uv/Black-light 

The Set-up:

Female to Male XLR connecting the microphone to the pedal. Jack to Jack cable from pedal going straight into DI. Mini-jack to stereo jack from laptop to DI and micro-USB to USB from midi-controller to laptop. For the set up I will also need a long HDMI cable going from the projector to the laptop.


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