Further Performances

In Class:

Class performance

This was an early demonstration of my final idea for my performance. This was one of the first times performing with my DIY controller after setting it up to manipulate video footage instead of sound. I got given some really good feedback from this performance, which really encouraged me to keep with this idea and develop it a lot further.


Gwdihw Performance

The Gwdihw gig I felt went really, really well. I mainly focused on working on my stage presence and persona to be able to perform confidently, as this is something I have struggled with. I feel I achieved a major breakthrough for my performance, as I really felt on ease on and comfortable whilst performing. It also gave me a clearer idea of how I wanted this project to progress and the running order of songs.



London, Electrowerkz:

London Performance

I was very lucky to be offered an amazing opportunity to open for an established act called Assemblage 23, in London early April. Elecktrowerkz is one of the few large scale venues in the UK specializing in experimental and alternative music. It was a really incredible experience being able to open for a band with such an established fan base. The venue were unable to accommodate my visuals as their cables for the projector were not compatible with my laptop, and because of this I couldn’t use Resolume either. It was unfortunate but I still feel the performance went very well, and I got a lot of great feedback from it.



Final Rehearsals


When it came to the final rehearsals, I felt confident after performing regularly. I was also able to set up relatively quickly. After the London show I also made sure to purchase cables of my own to prevent future complications. I also invested in a cheap and small compact projector to allow me to rehearse at home. This really helped when it came to my performance as it allowed me to practice more often and be able to feel confident working with projection.




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