Graphic Design

Graphic Design

During preparation for the show I took on the lead role of designer. This made me responsible for creation of the logo and branding of the overall show. Once we’d decided on the name Flux Collective, I began working on possible fonts and themes to create a logo. I created multiple designs in Photoshop, revolving around different themes and colour pallettes. Once I was happy with a handful of first designs. I posted them up on social media for the rest of the class to have their input.

First Design Post

The most popular designs were the white and black ones pictured above. The rest of the group seemed happy with simple line work design and a very synth-wave, 80s, minimalist approach so, with this in mind I went onto develop these two. I began editing different fonts and different images, and as many of the group requested more colour in the design, I also incorporated red into later designs.

Second Design Post

The biggest issue with all the designs was settling upon the right font. I tried out numerous designs, that were ranging from bold, italic to faded and distressed. After awhile it was agreed that the finer, thinner fonts just worked better with the logo so I started trying out fonts that matched this description.


With the above image settled upon, where everyone seemed happy with the overall design, it was at this point I was able to move into the final stages of the design, simply making small changes and incorporating feedback such as adding a little red, defining and shaping lines with colour.

Final Design

This was the final design, I am overall really pleased with it. The development and progression went really smoothly and I think I did a great job at incorporating everyone’s ideas and feedback. I went onto design several posters for various shows on the build up to our final performance. This one as you can see was for the Gwdihw show on 20th of April.

Gwdihw Poster

Along with designing the posters to the events of Flux Collective, I also designed the merchandise, which consisted of t-shirt prints. For this, I went back and made small tweaks to the final design, ensuring all the settings were suitable to print the right size. I also made sure that the design was made with a transparent background to be able to apply to t-shirts.

t-shirt design


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