Visual Research

Visual Inspiration

This video by CΛIN is exactly what I want to achieve with my overall visuals of my project, I find this video beautifully creepy with great use of colour and tones throughout. With my music also being along the same lines genre wise I am hoping to capture this mood.ΛIN † – WØLF † HØVSΣ

Although this is a very different genre of music to the one I am aiming to creating visually is it great and I am planning to take influence from the overall aesthetic of this piece along with some great shots and effects. – White Stripes – Blue Orchid

The theme of this scene from American horror story will also have influence upon on my visuals, due to the similarity in themes. I hope to capture to empowered but overly sexualised scenario. – AHS – BDSM Scene

This is a extremely disturbing trailer to, what I imagine is a disturbing film. Although this is far more extreme than I am willing to take my project, I feel I can take influence in it’s disturbing nature and try and bring just a bit of it to my project. – The Bunny Game

IAMX is beautiful and not only a massive musical inspiration to me but his visually are also extremely strong. I would say IAMX has a massive impact in all areas of my project. I want to be able to create a strong distinguishable brand, where musically and visually both compliment each other so well. – IAMX – Happiness

Visual Albums

I found this great link that shows the development and history of visual albums, I found it extremely interesting and useful to my project to know. The Music: The Evolution of Visual Albums

A very interesting article on how visual albums are changing cinema and the way we consume music these days. How lines between art and music are blurring. Ocean’s – Endless & Beyoncé – Lemonade


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