Storyboard & Visual Mood-board

Chapter One: Objectification

Fade in from black, opening title “Chapter one: Objectification” White font 0-4secs.

Out of focus shot of a distant silhouette/shadow of a woman getting closer 0-14secs,

Quick distorted cuts of up close shot of the mouth to the eyes and back again 14-24secs.

Cross fade back to silhouette moving creepily 24-33secs.

Cut away to weird old clip 33-38secs.

Close up of body parts, provocatively dancing 38-57secs.

Close up of pulling down straps one at a time, unzipping the back of dress, tease-fully smiling/laughing then biting lip 57-1.16secs.

Cut away another creepy old clip of men. 1.16-1.21secs.

Camera moving upwards, cross fading body parts from legs, to body to mouth 1.21-1.36secs.

Fast cuts of change of emotions from happy, to sad to angry to screaming 1.36-1.45secs

Cut back to creepy old clip of men. 1.45-1.50secs.

Close up of mouth smiling then biting lip. 1.50-1.55secs.

Provocative dancing 1.55-2.04secs.

Fast cut backs to sliding off dress 2.04-2.14secs.

Fast cuts between old clips of women and woman screaming, clawing at her face and body use of fake blood. 2.14-2.33secs.

Cut to woman on her knees head down very slow zoom out 2.33-2.52secs

Cut away to another old happier clip 2.52-3.13secs.

Distorted fade out 3.12-3.21secs.

Visual Moodboard



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