Production Development


For this project I knew I wanted to set out to produce an experimental electronic EP, drawing influence from genres such as witch-house and industrial. I also looked into electronic music used in films, such as Blade, Neon Demon and the Matrix. For examples:

The Neon Demon – The Devil’s Dance

Matrix – Clubbed To Death

Blade – Bloodbath

I approached composing the tracks for this EP very differently than I usually would, by mainly focusing on the atmosphere and the overall tone of each of the individual tracks more than anything else. For each track I composed, I sampled a different environment and pitch shifted it throughout the composition. All the tones and textures you hear in the tracks were all found sound, that I had distorted and manipulated within Reason 4.0. The only sounds in the tracks that are digital are the bass and percussion. I composed 9 tracks in total, out of those I chose the best four to be put on to the EP.

I used Reason 4.0 DAW to produce each track, as I felt the overall analogue sounds of the synth’s had a certain sound to them that just worked and blended really well with the samples I was using. I created each track by creating and layout a structure with the drums and bass, then I molded and shaped my samples around them. When I had finished each composition and was happy with the mix, I’d export them ready for mastering.DAW

Post Production

At first I was unsure of the mastering process, I tried out several attempts at it, in the same DAW Reason 4.0 but I found it to be overly complicated compared to other software. So, I tried it out again on other software such as Cubase and Ableton, I watched a lot of different tutorials of mastering online, but was still unsure of the best way to approach the process.

Once I went to the workshops held at the university, I got given a helpful sheet on the process and purpose of mastering. Following this great step my step guide to mastering, it really cleared things up and I realised just how important the mastering process is to production.

I mastered my final exported tracks in Ableton and following the the step by step guide given in the workshop I began my mastering process. Once I set up the mastering template in a ableton I saved the session to be able to use it in the future. When I had the template all set up I started to import the first track. By following the step by step guide carefully I began to tweak and apply all the setting to my tracks. I also made sure I was turning on and off the plug-ins I was using when ever I tweaked any settings to hear the difference I was making. Once I was happy with the result I exported the track, ready to import the next.


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