Marketing & Release Plan

Marketing & Release Plan

My project will mainly be a digital download release, although I also intend to create a limited run of made-to-order physical copies. The platform I am going to use to release the E.P. is Bandcamp, and I chose this in order to make use of their “name your price” function which allows people to set their own purchase price based on what they can afford. I think this feature is a great ideas, as I have a hard time deciding how much my music is worth and I like that it allows people from all backgrounds to support a project within their means. I would consider any payments to be more like donations, even the smallest amount would still help cover the production costs. Given the current state of the music industry where music piracy and free torrenting services have meant less and less people actually pay for music I think it is important for artists to adapt around this. The physical copies of the E.P. will have a minimum price of £5 to simply cover material costs, but there will be an option for people to pay more if they want to.


During the promotion phase of the release I will utilise all social media platforms such as, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram to spread the word. I will utilise hash-tagging on these services in order to find potential listeners by searching for terms that relate to the E.P. and for fans of other artists who make music in the same genre as me. I also plan to gradually release images and little promo clips, simply to build a sense of intrigue and anticipation for the release. Visual content is extremely important, especially within genres like witch-house, and I feel you can say far more using visual aids than you can in words so, I plan to create a strong visual “brand” and aesthetic for my work. My stylistic choices are really going to need to reflect the music as I feel it’s what’s going to really sell the E.P. and to reach it’s correct audience.

From research I carried out I found that most artists that release this kind of experimental electronic music try and keep it “underground”, as it is very niche and has a small audience not intended for mass appeal. Especially in genres like witch-house it is normal for artists to keep their releases small and limited, often throwing some symbols, numbers or punctuation marks in the middle of titles for people to find it harder to come across. This is done with the intention of keeping their audience/fanbase small but dedicated. I intend to go along the same sort of lines, keeping the release small. On the more important social media posts, I plan to “sponsor” them, which entails paying money to further the reach of a post to targeted individuals with similar interests based on their profiles. This will allow me to reach a slightly larger audience.


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