Background Research



A educational video used in the 40s/50s to instruct young women to use their education to learn too cook and simply provide for their man. This clip just goes to show the discrimination within this era – Women’s place

A presentation of sexism and the exploitation of women from the 1940s and the 1950s. Film clips from this time period are used to provide a real reference that today may seem comical. The contrast between our lives and these clips can show us how our understanding of equality has advanced. – 1940s-50s sexism

This was a extremely eye opening and interesting documentary to watch, the womans movement from the 50s to the 60s shows just how difficult it was to be a woman in those times and just how hard they had to fight for just the basic of workers rights. The movement was one of the most significant events in history and can’t imagine if it hadn’t happened the world we’d be today. But a extremely valuable bit of research for my project.’s movement 1950s/60s

A very important link I came across outlined and discussed the biasness of gender in movies and media. Some great points to take on board and to know when creating my project. Facts Everyone Should Know About Gender Bias in Movies

A recent political incident, that caused outrage, where a male president decides what women do with their bodies. Just goes to show just how little we’ve progressed sometimes. Trump abortion policy

A great recommended book that dives into great depths of the history of sexism and racism within the media. I took some great valuable points from this book and would highly sugguest it to anyone tackling the same subject matter. on racism, sexism and the media

Anti-Homosexual propaganda

Another educational talk in schools in the 1960s, on how it is wrong to be homosexual and you will be caught and your life will be made hell. Anti-Gay Lecture For Children

A promotional video made to make boys aware of homosexuals, portraying them as predators and paedophile. A completely wrong portrayal and misinformed promotional video that goes to show just how little they really knew about homosexuality at the time. anti-homosexuality PSA boys beware

A great find here, a website that laid out the entire history of the laws surrounding homosexuality. Some very interesting points and key points in history, especially being in Britain. of homosexuality in Britain

Found this shocking list that shows 77 out of 197 countries where it is still illegal to be homosexual today. I found this list very imported to be included in chapter three of my project that shows the oppression is still very much a part of today. countries where homosexuality is still illegal

A recent incident of hatred at the idea of having a gay character in a disney movie. Country planned to ban the movie and requested a re-cut. This recent incident is mouth dropping and again goes to show just how little we’ve come in regards to equality. – Backlash over gay character

History of within cinema

A list that shows the development of showing sex and sexuality within early cinema. A very interesting to see where the origin of including sex and sexuality in films. – Early sex in cinema

First ever portrayal of lesbian within a medium, this being one of the first movies to ever include homosexuality. ever lesbian relationship in a movie


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