Stage Plan

Initial Idea & Plan:stage-plan1For my first idea; I wanted a dual screen set up to allow me to manipulate one video live and have the unaltered video projected behind me. I also wanted a midi-controller linked up to Ableton Live on a laptop to be able to alter the tracks live.

Secondary Idea & Plan: stage-plan2For my second idea I wanted to keep it simple, and do what I typically do live. Which is a straightforward setup consisting of a midi-controller attached to a laptop that is triggering minimal sounds, laptop that is playing the backing tracks and vocal pedal. I felt confident in this set up.

Third & Final Idea & Development Plan:stage-plan3For my third and final setup, I decided to expand upon my second plan by using a DIY controller that is linked to Ableton Live, that is triggering sounds running through speakers found within the audience. The laptop will be linked up to the projector and PA sound system that is playing the backing tracks and the visuals. I will also being using the vocal pedal and performing live vocals.


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