3rd- 10th Of November ~ Assignment #3: 3D Printing

I set out to achieve printing a simple 3D band logo, by using the software Sketchup. Not having any background knowledge in 3D printing software, I aim to create a small keyring. I feel confident not over complicating the final idea, but still be able to create a successful product whilst also allowing me to develop my skills in 3D printing.

The final project of the 3D item would be for merchandise purposes. The item would be consumed/used by potential fans. The product would be a useful brand recognition tool, along with a personal sell-able product. This is a common merchandise idea and is widely recognised and is a successful product.

The first 3D printing session in Emerging Technologies, we covered being able to function and use the basics of the Sketchup software. We then went onto creating  and converting basic shapes into three dimensional items.


Once we got to grips with converting basic shapes, we went onto doing the same process but creating three dimensional text. We used our names as an example.


Here is my design in Sketchup. During the process I didn’t have any real problems with the design and I stuck to basic shapes which was quite simple and straightforward to create. The only major issue I come up against was creating the keyring an acceptable size, It was lucky I double checked my dimensions before I printed, as my design was going to be quite overly sized especially for a keyring. IMG_20151124_132636

Final design:IMG_20151124_132626



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