27th Of October – #3.MaxMSP Recap

Looping Patch

Today we looked into developing a patch that not only looped but also allowed you to manipulate a saw-waveform. The phasor~ in the patch is the saw-wave, which is stereo split into two separate message objects, containing the command *~  which in Maxmsp is a signal multiplier-operator that outputs a signal which is the multiplication between two signals. The next message box is the play~loop, which is Maxmsp way of reading and playing back the loop files found on the computer. This then goes into gain~ and the gain meters allows you to adjust each of the levels separately to simply mix the two sounds or bring one in and out. Finally the gain is wired up to ezdac~ which appears as a button which can be clicked with the mouse to turn audio on or off.

loop patch


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