27th – 3rd Of November ~ Assignment #2: MaxMSP Patch

Slide one – The Brief: Using the tools and techniques covered in sessions 4 & 5, create your own piece of software using MaxMSP that takes an external input such as a camera feed, video, game controller or smartphone to control sound in someway. We can use any of the technologies covered in class. The aim of the assignment is to think about who will use the work, what it is being used for, where it is being used, how, and why. It is in this sense that you can start to interrogate the needs, approach, benefits and competition of the application.

Slide two – The Idea: By using some of the technique’s we covered in previous sessions of Emerging Technologies, Iv decided to create and develop a MaxMSP patch, that will allow a Microsoft games controller to trigger audio playback.

This item would be for personal live use. By self branding this gimmicky item, making it a unique feature to a live stage show, this would bring something different to your viewers, making you stand out from the crowd. Hypothetically, after awhile you could go on to brand and personally sell this item as a product.

Slide three – The Hypothetical Controls: These are the first draft of the controls I set out to achieve. I really wanted to get as much out of the controller as possible.


Slide four – The MaxMSP Patch: The Max patch took a lot of work and figuring out, I first started off by not only getting the MAXMSP to identify the controller, but to read all the various numbers, that was coming in from it. I then moved onto separating those numbers and identifying the parts of the controller. I found a great tutorial of recreating the Xbox 360 controller online, which I followed and give me a nice and clear layout of the controller on MAX. Once I finished and was happy that I achieved identifying the components of the controller, I went onto assign sounds to the controls, based on the method we covered in class.

Slide five – The Conclusion: The controller didn’t completely turn out the way I would have liked it. Although most of the buttons worked fine and I achieved the controller making sounds, I would have preferred to achieve all of the controls working and running a little smoother. I know I personally would like to take this project further and convert the controller into a midi device, that would allow the controller to trigger sounds directly from DAW software.

v The Project Pitch Presentation v

2nd Assignment Prezi

Research Links:

Connecting a Joystick to MaxMSP/Jitter

Xbox 360 Controller MaxMSP Video

Max MSP Sampler/Looper Wireless Interface Patch

XBox 360 OSC Controller


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