13th – 20th Of October ~ Assignment #1: Arduino / Teensy Pitch

Slide one Initial Ideas: I found it hard to settle with one idea due to the possibilities being rather endless and so broad. I first looked into the idea of creating atmospheric sound that compliments stories, poetry or images. The idea of running your hand down a page which creates the sound. I then decided to go back to basics and keep the idea simple and purely just utilize the techniques we’ve learned and covered so far in class.

Slide two The Idea: The idea I decided to pursue was to create a specialist midi controller that artists in the dubstep genre can efficiently utilize in a live setting.

Slide three The functions: The midi controller will consist of 3 buttons, 1 touch pad, 1 light sensor and 1 possible dial. The 3 buttons when pressed would trigger three separate elements of a track. The first would bring in the back-beat, the second the bass and the third would play a sample. The touch pad element to the controller would change the pitch/octave. the light sensor will control a wobble synth found in the dubstep genre. The possible dial feature of the controller would filter the sound up or down.

Slide four The Design: The design would be sleek and modern I would plan to keep the design familiar to other midi controllers for it to be easy and fast for users to pick it up and be able to use it almost instantly. The design would be sleek and modern

Slide five The possible expansion: A hypothetical expansion of the idea would be to turn/create it into a handheld video game similar to guitar hero, Dj hero and rock band.

v The Project Pitch Presentation v

1st Assignment Pitch Prezi

Research: The controllers typically found in the dupstep genre seem to be push pads, my controller would aim to simplify and not only give users a interesting way to play but also more control over dynamics.

Novation Launchpad

Ableton Live Push – Dupstep Live.

Dupstep live

2012: Tools for Creating Dubstep


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